Assembly Language quiz questions

Assembly Language interview questions

  • 1.

    Algorithms are designed using combinations of three main building blocks (control structures), called...

    1. loops, if/then/else statements and functions

    2. quark, strangeness and charm

    3. syntax, choice and loops

    4. sequence, selection and repetition

  • 2.

    Advantages of flowcharts include.

    1. corrections are easy to make

    2. that pictorial representation can make the logic easy to follow

    3. they are quick to create

    4. they also define the language syntax of your chosen scripting environment

  • 3.


    1. is written with specialised editing software

    2. cannot describe if...then...else constructs

    3. provides a pictorial representation of an algorithm

    4. has features of both English and computer languages

  • 4.

    Examples of algorithms used for everyday tasks include...

    1. children's stories and poetry

    2. a news item

    3. mathematical formulas and recipes

    4. a horoscope or quote of the day

  • 5.

    the process of working out the main tasks, and then breaking each of the main tasks down into more detail if necessary is known as...

    1. agile programming

    2. chunkifying

    3. top down design

    4. waterfall design

  • 6.

    IF-THEN-ELSE is an instance of...

    1. sequence

    2. iteration

    3. repetition

    4. selection

  • 7.

    If you do not plan a program by writing an algorithm you risk...

    1. all these are true

    2. leaving logic errors lurking in the program

    3. taking longer to arrive at the correct solution

    4. not findign the best solution to the problem

  • 8.

    An algorithm is..

    1. a computer problem

    2. the description of a problem

    3. music endemic to the central African nation of Algeria (the second largest country on the African continent and the 11th largest country in the world in terms of total area)

    4. a set of instructions, which need to be carried out in a particular order to solve a problem

  • 9.

    Add-ons make firefox better than internet explorer

    1. false

    2. maybe

    3. what's an add-on?

    4. true

  • 10.

    Which of the following questions *don't* need to be considered before you create an Access database?

    1. What is the purpose of this database and who will use it?

    2. Which operating system will the database run on?

    3. What queries and reports do the users of this database need?

    4. What tables (data) will this database contain?

  • 11.

    The Microsoft Solutions Framework application theory believes the goal of program management is:

    1. Smooth deployment and ongoing management

    2. Enhance user performance

    3. Delivery within project constraints

    4. Satisfy customers

  • 12.

    name one benefit of donating computers to local charities

    1. it makes me feel really big

    2. can be seen as a charitable act by the community

    3. to generate more business on myself

    4. tax write-off

  • 13.

    Why do headphones that are used by multiple people need to be cleaned frequently?

    1. So that they smell sweet

    2. To help prevent the spreading of germs and head lice

    3. So that they don't create more ear wax

    4. So you can hear them better

  • 14.

    to create a numbered list you would use:

    1. <ul>

    2. <il>

    3. <li>

    4. <ol>

  • 15.

    What is used to store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines ?

    1. Cookies

    2. Elements

    3. Properties

    4. Metatags

  • 16.

    How do you add a link which will allow the visitor to send an email from your page ?

    1. Add an image of an envelope

    2. Add <a href="mailto:youremailaddress">

    3. Add <a href="sendmailtoyouraddress">

    4. You cannot do this without using server a side scripting language (like PHP)

  • 17.

    Which program do you need to write HTML?

    1. Dreamweaver

    2. Editplus No, try again

    3. Microsoft FrontPage

    4. Any text editor will do

  • 18.

    Which colors consist of equal amounts of all basic colors ?

    1. black, blue, and gray

    2. white, black and gray

    3. purple, green, and red

    4. red, green, and blue

  • 19.

    Which character do you use when specifying a hexadecimal number (say for a colour value)?

    1. ?

    2. !

    3. <

    4. #

  • 20.

    Why would you add height and width attributes to an IMG tag?

    1. So you can re-size the image

    2. So that it doesn't get too big

    3. You shouldn't use height and width, CSS should be used instead

    4. So the browser knows how much space to set aside for the image until it loads


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