Implement a template function IsDerivedFrom() that takes class C and class P as template parameters. It should return true when class C is derived from class P and false otherwise.


This question tests understanding of C++ templates. An experienced developer will know that this is already a part of the C++11 std library (std::is_base_of) or part of the boost library for C++ (boost::is_base_of). Even an interviewee with only passing knowledge should write something similar to this, mostly likely involving a helper class:

template<typename D, typename B>
class IsDerivedFromHelper
    class No { };
    class Yes { No no[3]; };
    static Yes Test( B* );
    static No Test( ... );
    enum { Is = sizeof(Test(static_cast<D*>(0))) == sizeof(Yes) };

template <class C, class P> 
bool IsDerivedFrom() {
    return IsDerivedFromHelper<C, P>::Is;


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