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This quiz covers most common string formatting and datetime formatting methods


This topic covers threading common issues, best practices and how to implement multi-threading application correctly

Events & Callbacks

An event can be used to provide notifcations. You can subscribe to an event if you are interested in those notifcations. You can also create your own events and raise them to provide notifcations when something interesting happens  

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  • What is the valid result of s?

    string s = String.Format("It is now {0:d} at {0:t}", DateTime.Now);


  • Using multiple threads can neither improve responsiveness, nor enable you to make use of multiple processors

  • A thread can be seen as a virtualized CPU

  • What is the ouput?

    int integerNumber;
    integerNumber = 17843;


  • You are using a multicast delegate with multiple subscribers. You want to make sure that all subscribers are notifed, even if an exception is thrown. What do you do?

  • You have declared an event on your class, and you want outside users of your class to raise this event. What do you do?

  • You have a private method in your class and you want to make invocation of the method possible by certain callers. What do you do?

  • You can customize events by adding a custom event accessor and by directly using the underlying delegate type.

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