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Comprehensive Javascript quiz and questions from basic to advanced level that help you to review your Javascript knowledge and become the master of Javascript language. Please read the following question carefully and select the correct anwser, you have to make your choice before going to the next question.

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  • Is it valid to pass an anonymous function as an argument to another function?

  • Which of the following statements is valid for the features of JavaScript?

  • What is the result of the below JavaScript code when the functions get called in the order as mentioned?

    function first() {
        window.a = 3;
    function second() {
  • Which of the following function of String object produces an HTML hypertext link for requesting another URL?

  • Which of the following function of String object would compare a regular expression with a string?

  • Which is the use of typeof operator in JavaScript?

    function() {
        var a = 10;
        if(a > 5) {
            a = 7;
  • Select a function of Array object which returns a new array comprised of the current array /or its value(s)?

  • Select a String function that creates a string and display in a big font as if it were in a tag?

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