SEO quiz questions

SEO interview questions

  • 1.

    What does "nofollow" mean  ?

    1. Bots do not follow this link in tag


    2. Users do not follow this link in tag


    3. This hyperlink is not sercure

    4. This hyperlink may contains virus

  • 2.

    What is the latest update in SEO?


    The latest updates in SEO are:

    1. Panda
    2. Penguin
  • 3.

    Which type of link has NOT been mentioned by Google as being risky for SEO?

    1. Embedded links from infographics

    2. Guest blog posts

    3. Text link advertisements with rel="nofollow"

    4. Article submission and directory sites

    5. Private link networks

  • 4.

    Which of the following are true about the growth of mobile vs. desktop search in Google?

    1.  Mobile search queries overtook desktop in 2013 and are expected to continue growing faster.

    2. Desktop search queries are now shrinking, and mobile is growing, but will not overtake desktop in the next 2-3 years.

    3. Both desktop and mobile are growing, but mobile is growing faster and is expected to overtake desktop soon.

    4. Desktop is not growing (but not shrinking much). Mobile is expected to overake desktop in number of queries by 2016.

  • 5.

    What are valid reasons why your webpage's title may not appear in Google's search results exactly as it does in the page title element in your HTML?

    1.  Google has overwritten your title element with a title taken from the Yahoo! Directory.

    2. Your title does not contain your brand name or other key terms in the users' search query (or doesn't include them at the start of the title element), so Google is using text from elsewhere on the page.

    3. Google is pulling a title for your webpage from one you entered into an AdWords ad for that URL (that produces a higher clickthrough rate).

    4. Your page contains the meta "title-h1" tag specifying that Google should use the text within the H1 in place of the title element for the search results listing

  • 6.

    Which Google update was closely associated with speed, faster indexing and fresher web results.

    1. Penguin

    2. Panda

    3. Venice

    4. Vince

    5. Caffeine

  • 7.

    What does the phrase "social shares and higher search rankings in Google are well-correlated" mean?

    1. It means there's a chance (as expressed by the correlation coefficient number) that this input is used in Google's ranking algorithm.

    2. It means that the more social shares a webpage has, the higher it appears in Google's search results for a given query.

    3.  It means that, on average, pages with more social shares appear higher in Google rankings than those with fewer shares. The correlation coefficient expresses the degree with which this occurs.

    4. It means that social shares may or may not be used by Google's algorithm to rank webpages.

  • 8.

    In Local Search, which of the following are considered important ranking factors?

    1. City and state appear in landing page title

    2. Domain Authority of website

    3. Proper category associations

    4. Consistency of structured citations

    5. All of these

  • 9.

    Which of these concepts has Google filed a (now public) patent about?

    1. The likelihood that content shared by a user of social networks will spread

    2. The impact of lunar cycles on content creation and search queries

    3. Labeling Facebook, Twitter, and other social network shares in search results

    4. Modifying the flow of PageRank through links based on the HTML code-to-content ratio

  • 10.

    Which of the following statements about anchor text is true?

    1. For non-commercial queries, anchor text is less influential on a result's rankings.

    2. If a URL itself is the linking anchor text, Google will treat the page's title element as anchor text, while Bing will use the URL.

    3.  When an embedded image is linking, the alt attribute of the image may be treated as anchor text.

    4. Anchor text is mostly ignored by Google in 2014, but was powerful in years past.

  • 11.

    Which element of a link does Google NOT consider?

    1. The relationship/ownership/influence of the linking domain and linked-to domain

    2. The rel="nofollow" attribute"

    3. The domain on which the linking page is hosted

    4. The HTML <id> attribute

  • 12.

    Which of the following URL structures is NOT recommended to signal language targeting?

    1. ccTLDs (

    2. Subdomains with gTLDS (

    3. URL parameters (

    4. Subdirectories with gTLDs (

  • 13.

    In the following attribute: hreflang="en-US" "en" is the _____ and "US" is the _____.

    1. alternate, language

    2. language, region

    3. United States, English

    4. region, language

    5. entire, universal symbol

  • 14.

    Google's recommended actions for paginated content include:

    1. Specify a "view all" page

    2. rel="prev" and rel="next"

    3. Do nothing

    4. All of these

  • 15.

    Which of the following did Google confirm as a minor ranking signal?

    1. Authorship Markup

    2. Using Google Analytics

    3. Sending Chocolate Chip Cookies to the Editors at Moz

    4. Keyword Stuffing

    5. HTTPS

  • 16.

    Implementing structured data may help:

    1. Lead to rich snippets in search results

    2. Enchance CTR from search engine results

    3. Search engines understand your content

    4. our content to appear in specialized search results like "in-depth Articles"

    5. All of these

  • 17.

    Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in Google's algorithm:

    1. True, it is a ranking signal for both mobile and destop results

    2. True, it is a ranking signal for mobile results only

    3. False, it is not a ranking signal at all

  • 18.

    Generally, Google refreshes its Panda data:

    1. Daily

    2. Weekly

    3. Monthly

    4. Yearly

  • 19.

    Which group of ranking factors do SEOs generally consider to have the largest influence on rankings?

    1. Engagement Metrics

    2. Social shares

    3. Link-based metrics

    4. Site speed

    5. Exact match domains

  • 20.

    All other factors being equal, which would be the most desirable link profile?

    1. One link from each of 100 different domains

    2. 1,000 links all from one domain

    3. 10,000 internal links


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